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Fine Mesh Pre-Filter – A fine mesh filter with coarse particles in the air. It also makes it easy to oversee maintain.

True HEPA Filter – High Efficient Particle Surveillance (HEPA) High-efficiency filter captures fine particles (99.97%) found in air up to 0.3μ

Carbon CD Filters – Carbon filters can eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke and other gases in the air.

Advanced PlasmaWave® Technology – Uses electrical pulse to produce negative and positive ions that combine with air in the air to form Hydroxyl Radicals (OH unstable with air molecules will be stripped of hydrogen and atoms and will be destroyed to produce H20 which is also neutralizing dust particles, pollen and smoke in the air and the ability to eliminate harmful bacteria and chemicals.

Air Quality LED Indicator – The LED indicator will determine the current air quality. It automatically detects dust and odors and removes them directly by eliminating cigarette smoke, odors, bacteria, fur cats and harmful gases.

Winner of Red Design Award – This design award has been held since 1955 in Essen Germany. There are 15,500 entries from 70 countries each year. The best designs will be on display at the Red Dot Essen Design Museum worldwide.


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