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Product details

Model Specifications One Perfect
(2 temperatures : Hot & Normal)
Direct Piping Water Dispenser
Product Features :
Major Thermostats : EGO (German brand)
Back Up Thermostats :WAKO (Japanese brand)
Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved
Safety Design
1. Double Protection with 2 Thermostats 
2. Safety faucet body : Anti-scalded material
3. Safety faucet design : Avoid Child scalded by hot water
Product Specification :
Type: Boiled How Water & Normal Water
Tank Capacity: Hot 26L ; Normal Unlimited
Watt: Hot: 2000W
Water Connection: Tap Water
Power: 220V
Dimension: 400mm(width)x450(depth)x740mm(height)
Filtration System: Filtration system is optional and hang out
Price: RM2498.00

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RM 2498.00

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