Safe Water?

ONEWATER® filters are connected after the JBA main pipe catering for all your household needs. Connected to a single tap, supplies clean, safe water for your kitchen chores – drinking, cooking & washing.

ONEWATER® filters are essential to supply the home with clean, clear and chlorine-free, safe water. An effective water filters must be able to remove sediment and chlorine for your family’s daily use. It is not designed to filter out the load of sediment, sand, rust, chlorine and other waste material that contaminates our water.

Be wary when choosing a proper water filter! Having a bad water filter could worsen the quality of water. A badly designed water filter not only provides inadequate filtration, it also traps the contaminants, causing the organic matter to decay further polluting the water quality, and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Combined with free chlorine, it creates more THM – supplying cancer-causing water, placing the health of your family at risk!