Chlorine and Chlorination By-Products

Chlorine and Chlorination By-Products

Chlorine is a type of disinfectant, not a contaminant, that’s added to drinking water to control microbes. In addition to the off-putting taste and odour that can be caused by chlorine, chlorination by-products, such as total trihalomethanes (TTHMs), can form in the water. TTHMs can cause anaemia in infants, young children, and foetuses of pregnant women.


Does ONEWATER® remove chlorination by-products or chlorine (taste and odour) in drinking water?

ONEWATER® filters reduce 98% of TTHMs, which can have harmful effects on the body. ONEWATER water filters also remove the taste and odour of chlorine its also certified to reduce up to 10x more drinking water contaminants from your water than the leading filtration brand’s pitcher-leaving you with great-tasting drinking water.

These are chlorine and chlorination by-products found in drinking water and their effects on your health:


  • Taste and Odour of Chlorine in Tap Water

Chlorine is a disinfectant, most commonly used to kill microbes in the water supply. If excess amounts are used, or if high concentrations of chlorine are in your pipes and plumbing, it can cause bad taste and odour in your drinking water.


  • Total Trihalomethanes(TTHM)

Total Trihalomethanes are chlorination by-products that can emerge in chlorinated water. This type of water contaminant can cause anaemia in infants, young children and foetuses, nervous system effects and even cancer.
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